EV012.24 | EAHN 2024 Athens EAHN 2024 Conference Athens

The European Architectural History Network is delighted to announce that its next biannual meeting will take place at the NTUAthens School of Architecture, 19-23 June 2024

Why Athens?


From Pausanias to Evliya Çelebi, and from the Grand Tourists of the 18th and 19th century to the gathering of some of the most renowned modern architects as delegates of the 4th CIAM in 1933, numerous important architects, artists, and other intellectuals have visited Athens for different purposes: to see, measure and admire its ancient monuments, to reformulate the relationship between antiquity and modernity, or even to project modernity onto local vernaculars. Many more (such as Winckelmann) never visited the city, but used the idea of classical Athens in order to change the way we see art and architecture. Throughout the centuries Athens has offered the incentive both to establish and to subvert the canon of architecture and its history. And it continues to do so: over the last few years, the study of its Ottoman history and its indigenous archaeologies have gained momentum among architectural historians. At the same time, the profusion of the anonymous DomIno-like “polykatoikia” (apartment building), in the city that lent its name to the famous “Athens Charter”, attracts researchers and student groups from all over Europe and beyond.

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